Enhance your Sage 300 Cloud ERP

Extended Solutions for Your Sage 300 Cloud ERP

NextLevel will help you select the application that will best help you achieve your business goals.
Sage.pngSage PJC is a robust Sage 300 ERP module providing an effective solution for Project Managers in construction, job service and other professional industries that require a time-and-materials system. It makes estimating, tracking, costing and the billing of projects easy and manageable, simplifying cost control and planning.
 technisoft.pngTechnisoft Service Manager http://www.technisoft.com.au/home.aspx is a comprehensive solution providing your company with the tools to help manage the resources, products and services your business offers. Functionality includes; job cost management, preventative maintenance, fleet servicing, warranty tracking, service level agreements, labor scheduling, site equipment records, job profitability, and much more. Full integration to Sage Accpac ERP, Service Manager gives you true accountability from one central point.
NextLevel will help you select the application that will best help you achieve your business goals.
 mjd_software.pngMJD Software http://www.mjdsoftware.com/ is the premier developer of mobile data collection solutions for Sage Accpac ERP providing wireless inventory tracking solutions. Using industry leading mobility hardware from Motorola and Zebra, MJD specializes in developing supply-chain solutions for Sage 300 ERP.
MJD’s wireless data platform mobilizes all internal transactions such as receiving, stock counts, transfers, adjustments, assemblies, returns, shipments, picking, packing as well as external transactions such remote sales, remote inventory control and third party inventory management. Along with software products, MJD also distributes bar code printing and data collection equipment, and printing consumables.
 Acu-dart.pngAccu-Dart Inventory Management Solutions http://www.accu-dart.com/ are designed to leverage the power of your accounting or inventory system by providing your warehouse and/or shop floor with wireless technology. With radio frequency bar code solutions, the real-time updates to your inventory data ensure that data integrity is maintained and your data is accurate at all times. Accu-Dart offers specialized functionality such as bin tracking, lot tracking, and serialized inventory tracking. Intangible savings such as reduced labor, real-time error checking, accurate inventory, and improved customer service sets Accu-Dart apart from the competition.
 accellos2.pngAccellos One http://www.accellos.com/warehouse offers radio frequency and barcode technology in an internet-based architecture, delivering a powerful, scalable and real-time warehouse management solution. Accellos One solutions suite integrates seamlessly with many popular accounting / order entry packages and shipping systems to provide the warehousing link in a total supply chain solution. Accellos One Warehouse helps you boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment times and increase customer satisfaction for small to large size businesses.
PrintBoss by Wellspring Software extends the functionality of Sage Accpac ERP for printing checks and forms. PrintBoss makes printing accounting documents easier, faster and more secure with fraud prevention measures. You can print checks from multiple companies onto the blank check stock eliminating the need for pre-printed checks. Create Positive Pay files, and pressure-sealed forms. All documents can be printed to different printers, faxed, or emailed. You can even create an archival PDF file for each document.
NextLevel will help you select the application that will best help you achieve your business goals.

Altec is the provider of DocLink, the Sage-endorsed, affordable and scalable document management and process automation solution.  Tightly integrated with Sage, DocLink offers a secure, single repository to store, search, retrieve and send any document securely, effectively eliminating the need to file paper documents.  DocLinks helps organizations go paperless, enabling users to fully utilize and enhance their Sage ERP to automate any document-intensive process and go digital in AP, AR, Sales Order, Contracts, HR or any department across the entire enterprise. Learn more at www.altec-inc.com


visiontix_logo.pngVisionetix Document Management System is designed specifically for Sage 300, the Document Management System (DMS) is an essential module that electronically scans and stores documents associated with ERP transactions. DMS is easy to use and takes advantage of the robust security features of Sage 300 ERP. Multiple files and file formats can be easily scanned directly into Sage 300 from your scanner and stored in an SQL database for future retrieval. Full drill down to source electronic documents brings your company one step closer to a “paperless office” and promotes your support of the environment.
DML.pngOrchid Systems Document Management Link links Sage 300 ERP fields to SharePoint or any accessible file server to provide an economical and efficient document system. When linked to SharePoint Document Management Link can utilize its security as well as its workflow for document notifications and approvals features.
 XM-Oxygen.pngXM Symphony is the only eCommerce solution that provides real-time integration between Sage ERP 300 and the World Wide Web. XM Symphony takes advantage of advanced Web 2.0 technologies to create great looking feature rich B2B and B2C web stores, as well as, the ability for Sales Representatives and/or Call Center staff to manage transactions on behalf of customers. Multiple payment options are provided including On Account, credit card and PayPal.
NextLevel will help you select the application that will best help you achieve your business goals.
Orion.pngOrion Point of Sale (POS) is a flexible, easy-to-use solution designed to integrate directly with Sage 300 ERP. This level of integration simplifies ongoing maintenance of inventory, receivables, sales tax and general ledger. Designed for any retail organization that handles whole-goods inventory, Orion POS is geared for multi-location registers through a LAN or internet connection. Standard POS hardware is fully supported by Orion, such as barcode scanners, slip printers, pole displays, cash drawers, touch screen monitors, and more.
ACDEVLogo.pngACDEV Software offers a comprehensive suite of retail operations products including ACDEV POS, ACDEV Webstore, ACDEV Kiosk, and ACDEV Barcodes. Scalable from a single retail location to multiple sites and tills ACDEV POS is an intuitive Web-based interface providing a complete view of your customer activities and inventory. With seamless integration to Sage 300 ERP, you can effectively manage real-time inventory & sales data from the back office while remote locations pass transaction data with complete security. ACDEV POS offers an “Online” mode for LAN and internet connections, and also an “Offline” mode so that if connectivity is lost, your registers can continue to work without interruption.
avatax-logo.pngAvalara AvaTax is a cloud-based sales tax service that simplifies the calculation of rates, manages exemption certificates, and file forms and can remit payments for you. AvaTax delivers real-time sales tax calculations based on up-to-date sales and use tax rules. This includes sourcing rules, product taxability and jurisdiction assignment. Avalara CertCapture is a complete exemption certificate management service that ensures you maintain compliance and reduce your audit risk. Avalara Returns automatically processes e-file, hard-copy and streamlined Sales Tax returns for businesses of all sizes. AvaTax provides seamless, transparent integration with Sage 300 ERP.
NextLevel will help you select the application that will best help you achieve your business goals.
 logo-new.pngSierra Workforce Solutions has been providing a broad range of businesses time and attendance systems, time clock solutions and flexible employee tracking systems for over 25 years. Providing the total solution from employee punch, data collection & reporting, to payroll integration is what they do best. The Sierra Implementation team will work with your NextLevel consultant to insure a seamless integration of time worked data to Sage Payroll.
 Tenrox.pngTenrox Time and Expense Tracking provides a real-time view of your project resources at different times worldwide to allow you to make effective decisions now – not after the fact. Modular by design, Tenrox Software offers a suite of cloud based project management solution suite that includes Project Planning, Resource Management & Scheduling, Time & Expense Tracking, and Project Cost Billing. Work Process Management is a unique completely customizable, “graphical workflow engine” used to make design workflows for any process as simple as drag and drop. Out of the box integration to many mid-market ERP solutions including Sage 300 ERP will replace the spreadsheets and band-aid applications, and promote greater efficiency throughout your entire organization.
 abak2.pngAbak Software is used by over 25,000 business professionals at hundreds of consulting, accounting, engineering, and IT consulting firms. Employees can enter time worked on projects and expense reports from anywhere at anytime then clients are invoiced while project costs and revenues are managed to profitable results. Designed for companies of all sizes that need to control under-billing and manage their resources and expenses. With seamless integration to Sage 300 ERP, you can manage your time and billing, and project management processes to eliminate overdue bills and optimize your workforce allocations.
Edisoft.pngEdisoft Merchant EDI Suite includes everything a company needs to be EDI compliant. Edisoft’s end-to-end EDI solution lifts the burden of EDI off your shoulders with an easy-to-use, in-house solution that does the work for you. Instead of dealing with systems that conflict and complicate product order exchanges, you can focus on what really matters – growing your business. And with complete integration to Sage 300 ERP, the electronic business process couldn’t be simpler.
NextLevel will help you select the application that will best help you achieve your business goals.
Sage.pngSage Fixed Assets For over 30 years Sage Fixed Asset family has delivered asset management solutions that help eliminate redundant data entry, increase accuracy, and reduce costs while guarding against regulatory noncompliance. Modular and bundled solutions of DepreciationPlanningTracking and Reporting enable organizations to manage assets from acquisition to disposal. Combining 50 depreciation methods, numerous tax and accounting rules, asset inventory tracking and reconciliation with powerful reporting capabilities results in an easy-to-use fixed asset solution for organizations from all industries and all sizes. SageFAchart.png
 norming.pngNorming Asset Manager is a powerful and complete solution with seamless integration to Sage 300 ERP. Choose modules needed based on functionality.  Asset Accounting handles all transactions including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal, merge & split, and offers full multi-currency support. Asset Maintenance and Asset Leasing can be used to extend the core functionality to include the scheduling & maintenance of assets, and to process lease billing transactions with Sage 300 ERP Accounts Receivable.
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